• Climate footprint: is a measurement unit of the climate impact produced by a citizen or a company in the climate system. It accounts for the percentage of the rise of temperatures related to the global warming.


  • Climate impact: is the negative effect in terms of temperatures rising that people or companies, are producing in the climate system.
    Climate impact saving: is the positive effect in terms of temperatures decreasing that people or companies, are producing in the climate system.


  • Thermal credits: is a new holistic concept which corresponds to the percentage of the thermal climate saving obtained through mitigation and adaptation actions, taking as reference the global temperature rise projected in a given time scale. Thermal credits are measured in percentages of global warming reduction.


  • Corporate Climate Responsibility: is the commitment of businesses to improve their environmental performance by taking actions with the goal of accomplishing environmental benefits in terms of thermal impact saving. Climatically responsible companies are the ones taking actions to minimize their impact on the environment and continually improve their environmental performance.
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