Lower Snake River is the largest wind farm built to date in Washington. The 1,432MW wind farm spans across the Garfield and Columbia counties, and is being developed in a phased manner. The first phase, with a capacity of 343MW, was completed in February 2012.Located in the Garfield County, the first phase produces enough power for use in 100,000 homes.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE), a utility owned by the state of Washington, undertook the project in December 2008 in a joint venture with RES Americas. The project came under full ownership of PSE in August 2009.

The first phase of the wind farm has created 250 temporary and 25 permanent jobs. The remaining phases will be planned in future. If fully completed, the 1,432MW project will be the largest wind farm in the US.


  • Location:  Garfield County, Washington
  • Number of Turbines:  149
  • Turbine Type:  Siemens
  • Turbine Rating:  2.3 MW
  • Total expected installed capacity:  343 MW
  • Developer: RES Americas: RES Americas
  • Owner / Operator:  PSE
  • Balance Of Plant Contractor:  RES Americas
  • Year of Operation:  2012


The combined contribution of Lower Snake River Wind Project will generate the total amount of 187500 Credits throughout the lifetime of the project.

The climate credits generated by this Project will be assigned to citizens willing to contribute to climate change mitigation to offset their Personal Environmental Footprint, and be part of a global movement to fight now climate change.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects.

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