• Climate change threatens to undermine, and even reverse, the progress the world has made to reduce poverty and promote development.  

The world’s poorest people live in geographical areas that are the most vulnerable to climate change. Hurricanes, floods, droughts, or wildfires can bring on even more devastating effects than a similar event in the United States. Many poor people live in regions that are more susceptible to changes in the climate, for example drought-prone sub-Saharan Africa, or in marginal areas such as floodplains or unstable hillsides. Poor people also tend to rely heavily on activities such as agriculture, fishing and collecting natural resources, which are sensitive to climate change.

Also, urban workers could suffer from climate change as the cost of food drives them into poverty. the potential economic influence of adverse climate events, such as heat waves, drought and heavy rains, in developing countries. Urban workers in Bangladesh, Mexico and Zambia were found to be the most at risk.

If not urgently addressed, climate change will put millions more people at risk of increased hunger, disease and disasters.  People living in poverty, women, smallholder and subsistence farmers, and other marginalized groups will be affected disproportionately, as they have the least capacity and the fewest resources to adapt to climate impacts.

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