This Project is a solar power program located in Bolgrad, in the Odessa Region of Ukraine, specifically in the southern part of the region.

This place is suitable for the exploitation of the solar energy since it receives a lot of sunlight (as we can see it in the following map, developed by solarGis):

Activ Solar has constructed the Bolgrad Photovoltaic power plant which consists on roughly 63 hectares of photovoltaic panels installed. There are 141,812 crystalline photovoltaics modules installed, allowing the use of the solar energy and its transformation to electric energy for human consumption. The project has an installed capacity of 34.14 MWp.

The Activ Solar project named after the region where it was implemented, Bolgrad, Odessa was concluded in July 2013.

irradiation ukrania


Coolmyplanet recognizes the contribution that this project brings to the combat against the deterioration of the environment system. Slr Power projects help fighting the devastating effects that human activity causes on the environment, since the use of solar energy avoids the fossil fuels burnt and the depletion of the natural resources. If less fossil fuels are used, there will be a reduction of the projected rise on the average temperatures of the Earth’s Surface.

This program has a cooling effect on temperatures of 1.48×10-9 ºC and 17000 Credits.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/ or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects.

The Credits generated by this program will allow many citizens to offset their Environmental footprint and contribute as well to the fight against climate change.

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