Step Forward is a  revolutionary Canadian company that has developed a new copy paper made from 80% wheat straw waste and 20% FSC certified wood fibre that by its environmental attributes and the material with which is made is much more environmentally effective.

Step Forward Paper was designed and tested in Canada by Prairie Paper; is it the first of many innovative copy papers that will be introduced by the company to help save trees.


Benefits for the environment of the Step Forward Paper

  • Reduce the cutting of trees
  • Uses less water and energy
  • Lower eco-footprint

This project is made under the environmental benefits until now generated by the Step Forward Paper. For the moment the results achieved are outstanding.



Through this new production system and the less usage of trees to produce papers, Step Forward has managed to save 26.869 trees, saving at the same time the emission of 14.901.405 lbs of CO2 to the atmosphere.

According to many environmental indicators that places greater importance on climate change, Step Forward Paper™ is the best-performing copy paper type studied, with the lowest overall environmental impact.

The Environmental impact saving generated by the Step Forward Paper is equivalent to 362 Credits.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/ or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects. Credits allow you to offset your personal Environmental footprint.

Thanks to Step Forward innovative thinking, and environmental commitment Citizens can offset their Environmental footprint.

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