The Taralga wind power project, located in NSW Southern Highlands around 140km south west of Sydney, has been granted development approval by the State Planning Minister. The approval is for 61 turbines each with 2-3MW capacity. The wind farm is situated on an area of rural grazing land at an elevation up to 900m, with the closest town of Goulburn some 40km away.

The Taralga wind farm will generate pollution-free electricity that will make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment.  It will generate more than 300 GigaWhours of electricity every year, which is equivalent to the annual demand of approximately 40,000 homes.  Annual emissions savings as a result of the wind farm will be 250,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (the main greenhouse gas) every year, helping to tackle the threat of global warming.

In October 2012 RES sold the Taralga Wind Farm to Banco Santander and CBD Energy Pty Ltd.


  • Location:  NSW Southern Highlands
  • Number of Turbines:  61
  • Turbine Rating: 2-3 MW
  • Total expected installed capacity:  183 MW
  • Developer: RES
  • Owner / Operator: Banco Santander and CBD Energy Pty Ltd


The combined contribution of Taralga wind power project will generate the total amount of 91500 Credits throughout the lifetime of the project.

The Credits generated by this Project will be assigned to citizens willing to contribute to climate change mitigation to offset their Personal Environmental Footprint, and be part of a global movement to fight now climate change.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects.

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