Current situation

Currently is believe it world population is around 7000 million of people, who use the sources of 1, 5 planets as earth to supply all needs. This situation will get worst due to population is increasing estimating a population of 9000 million for 2050 and 11000 million for 2100. ¿ is the earth ready for this? Definitely it will be very difficult, so that´s why we should reflect about model of modern life.

The main challenge is to make economic growth sustainable through a lifestyle that results in a lower impact of our passage through the Earth .This involves taking measures such as the use of clean energy sources with no emissions, efficient use of resources, recycling waste, optimizing the use of assets that have low use to avoid overproduction, the revaluation of objects in apparent state of disuse, etc


Citizens footprint

Any citizen can reduce their environmental footprint, reducing its consumption level or changing their lifestyle, but even if we make many changes, our lifestyle will depend on fossil fuels. (Unless we return back to the cave age, of course).

Coolmyplanet.org offer for free to anyone the possibility to offset the environmental impact caused by its annual passage through the Earth by taking part in a movement based on the credits system that involves the commitment of companies and citizens to take action for achieving a more sustainable planet for future generations.

In addition, each person can assert their commitment to the fight for Sustainability by showing to companies and society their involvement in causes that really matter. This is the goal of the obtention of the credentials “CMP”, crediting the Certificate of the “environmental footprint” of every citizen, adding to the professional profile commitment and serving as an example to citizens.

As a citizen, you are welcome to join this movement that intends to create a change of behavior in society, about how things are done. Our commitment is to listen and to hear the most important voice of all voices of citizens. It is our responsibility to bring our commitment to action, to achieve a more sustainable world. His determination will help us inspire others, and increase the number of socially responsible companies.


Your projects

Projects are all those initiatives that applying any of the solutions proposed by coolmyplanet.org, that companies undertake intending to improves its environmental performance. The term “Corporate Environmental Responsibility”, understood as the commitment of companies to improve their environmental performance, through the adoption of measures aiming to achieve benefits in terms of environment impact savings.

The holistic view of climate change adopted by coolmyplanet.org allow us to integrate the co-existence of strategies such as mitigation and adaptation, as well as, the reduction and compensation tools. Environmental responsible companies are all those that understand their role and act to minimize their environmental impact on our planet, and continuously improve their environmental performance.

The process is simple. Just contact coolmyplanet.org to integrate your projects into our platform. Once is verified its real contribution to the reduction of environmental impact, the credits generated will be calculated, to open up a program on behalf of the promoter, with which people can participate to offset their environment.

About Coolmyplanet

Can i avoid it?

Any citizen can reduce their environmental footprint, reducing its energy consumption, changing transportation habits, as well as modifying the consumption of their goods and services. But unfortunately, our current lifestyle does not allow many options and even taking a lifestyle less dependent on fossil fuels, in some way or another, we are linked to its usage (unless you go back to the age of cavemen, of course).

We already know that all of us have an impact on the environment, and that it can be measured. The next step is to think about how we can avoid this impact.

In this sense coolmyplanet.org, through its platform, offers citizens the possibility to compensate for the evironmental footprint generated throughout its lifetime.

Thus, and answering the initial question, yes we can delete the environmental footprint of our time on the planet Earth. To do so we must hear the most important voice of all the voices, the citizens. It is our responsibility to act now, to have a livable planet for present and future generations.

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