About Coolmyplanet

Can i avoid it?

Any citizen can reduce their environmental footprint, reducing its energy consumption, changing transportation habits, as well as modifying the consumption of their goods and services. But unfortunately, our current lifestyle does not allow many options and even taking a lifestyle less dependent on fossil fuels, in some way or another, we are linked to its usage (unless you go back to the age of cavemen, of course).

We already know that all of us have an impact on the environment, and that it can be measured. The next step is to think about how we can avoid this impact.

In this sense coolmyplanet.org, through its platform, offers citizens the possibility to compensate for the evironmental footprint generated throughout its lifetime.

Thus, and answering the initial question, yes we can delete the environmental footprint of our time on the planet Earth. To do so we must hear the most important voice of all the voices, the citizens. It is our responsibility to act now, to have a livable planet for present and future generations.

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