Citizens footprint

Any citizen can reduce their environmental footprint, reducing its consumption level or changing their lifestyle, but even if we make many changes, our lifestyle will depend on fossil fuels. (Unless we return back to the cave age, of course). offer for free to anyone the possibility to offset the environmental impact caused by its annual passage through the Earth by taking part in a movement based on the credits system that involves the commitment of companies and citizens to take action for achieving a more sustainable planet for future generations.

In addition, each person can assert their commitment to the fight for Sustainability by showing to companies and society their involvement in causes that really matter. This is the goal of the obtention of the credentials “CMP”, crediting the Certificate of the “environmental footprint” of every citizen, adding to the professional profile commitment and serving as an example to citizens.

As a citizen, you are welcome to join this movement that intends to create a change of behavior in society, about how things are done. Our commitment is to listen and to hear the most important voice of all voices of citizens. It is our responsibility to bring our commitment to action, to achieve a more sustainable world. His determination will help us inspire others, and increase the number of socially responsible companies.

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