Energy efficiency plays a critical role in reducing carbon emissions. After all, the US Department of Energy (DOE) puts energy wasted at around $60.7 billion in expenses. Two Canadian companies are using the power of information technology to boost energy efficiency.

AIM Energy Pros from Edmonton, Alberta, and Circuit Meter from Toronto, Ontario, are looking to take a piece of the energy efficiency industry pie worth $750 billion. AIM Energy Pros created their own metering system, which uses BOM hi-resolution data, based on energy use with their own analytics.

Meanwhile, Toronto’s Circuit Meter installs, monitors, for industrial and commercial companies, plus, online dashboards, which track wasted energy. Paul Mertes, CEO of Circuit Meter, notes energy monitoring allows customers to see the picture while contrasting standards.

“Unless you have a problem with productivity or comfort you don’t really have a clue how or where to look to find your savings. What this (energy monitoring) does is shine a light on all of the uses, it allows you to investigate everything and compare it against standards. From there you can go into a mode of active management so it makes your energy visible,” Mertes notes on how important energy monitoring is with regards to energy efficiency.

AIM Energy Pros CEO David Gray said they saved one customer $36,000 a year by stuttering peak load times. Energy efficiency and smart meters is not as sexy a topic compared to renewables in reducing carbon emissions, yet often declared “The low-hanging fruit” in cutting emissions.

By using modern information technology, thanks to AIM Energy Pros and Circuit Meter, consumers and industry now can cut wasteful energy use. Expect more innovative companies to move the energy efficiency industry forward, creating more innovative products.

POSTED BY: Cleantechnica / Adam Johnston

SOURCE: Green Energy Futures

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