Who are we?

Coolmyplanet.org is a global initiative of civic action designed to combat change through the involvement of citizens and companies. We are a platform that allow citizens to offset their personal carbon footprint based on companies effort to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.



Reach a sustainable environment at present for the future.



Involve Citizens and Companies in the fight against climate change


Our approach

Climate change is a permanent threat with global proportions and consequences that put citizens, companies and organizations in a constantly increasing level of risk. Thanks to the work of many associations all over the world, the mindset is starting to change concerning the climate change fight. Nowadays the biggest challenge for these associations is how to get to the point where everyone is conscious about the importance of this issue. And what happens next?

After being conscious and aware we must turn our awareness into actions. Because of our lifestyle and the needs we have nowadays the reduction of our Greenhouse gases emissions will not have an impact significant enough to stop climate change, Even though we reduce our emissions, there will be a time when we will not be able to reduce any more.

Coolmyplanet.org has undertaken the approach of involving every individual as well as companies, organizations, institutions or asociations whom dedicate their efforts to fight climate change together. We aim to give visibility worldwide through to all these entities and make their message arrive to citizens. Our strategy is based on giving public and global recognition to those who are committed with environmental issues by showing their efforts worldwide. The participation of citizens is the key to push companies to start using the “cleantech” as a way to achieve a “carbon-free economy”

The efforts of reducing the CO2 emissions are the bases that allow citizens to offset their personal carbon footprint and in this sense be a part of the movement to save our future. We have developed a platform where anyone from anywhere can enrol in this movement by offsetting their carbon footprint.


Our commitment

We are willing to increase the environmental awareness of citizens and companies in a global scale, to make the fight against climate change a matter of interest of the whole society. Coolmyplanet.org shares the view that the responsibility to make the change comes from everyone who is part of the problem.


Holistic View

The approach that coolmyplanet.org departs bases on integrating different strategies and tools, to have a holistic view of the reality of climate change perspective.

Since the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol, the main strategies that have been implemented at the global level are those based on mitigation, i.e. those focused mainly to reduce emissions through new solutions for energy efficiency, or substitution of conventional energy by renewable energy sources.

However, and despite the effort made, the continuous and impressive growth of emissions to the atmosphere, is still raising the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (400 ppm) reaching a turning point, that make it necessary to start immediate implementation of local adaptation strategies.

Thus, among the solutions proposed in coolmyplanet.org we have included actions as Solar Radiation Management (SRM) based on Land Cover Change (LCC). They are environmentally friendly solutions, that allow an approach to local action on the climatic conditions of an environment.

It is worth remembering that the more mitigation is undertaken, less adaptation is needed. However, without sufficient mitigation in time, increases the risk of catastrophic outcomes, when the costs are too high and there is no way of adapting.


When we look for ways to respond to climate change, the majority of options presented to us are based on the reduction of energy consumption, goods and services, as well as use of conventional transport. However, the reality is that by now, we like it or not, we are linked to energy from fossil fuels, and even if we reduce their consumption, we will continue to be dependent on them.

From coolmyplanet.org we understand that it is very important to spread the need to “reduce” consumption among the population, but also as citizens we can take action through the ‘compensation’, which would mean full erase the trace of our personal environmental impact. Therefore we integrate in the platform projects of companies that have achieved a real reduction of environmental impact, through which they can assign the credits to citizens.

Definitely, we understand that all the strategies and tools that we have talked about, are necessary measures, inclusive and non-exclusionary in the fight against climate change.

Coolmyplanet.org aims to be at the epicenter of all tools and assign them the degree of specific importance that corresponds to its real effectiveness in a given moment of time.

Free Offsetting

The concept of compensation of the personal environmental impact of citizens and companies certification programs, is one of the main features of coolmyplanet.org programs.

Offer this service is a must since the creation of this platform, to involve the maximum number of collaborators in the paradigm shift from our relationship with nature.

The goal is not based on anything else than serve as a link between both groups, joining efforts jointly altruistically, for the future of the environment.

Since the launch of coolmyplanet.org we have received some queries from individuals and companies that do not understand the free nature of this movement.

We ask ourselves is it illogical to fight for a cause such as climate change, is it illogical to fight for the future of the planet? Sincerely, believe us that not.

Involve companies and citizens from around the world in the active fight against global warming to make awareness of its environmental impact on the Earth system, represents a difficult challenge.

Join both groups in the achievement of a more sustainable world and livable for future generations.

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