Projects are all those initiatives programs implemented by companies or organizations applying solutions intending to contribute to the reach environmental sustainability.


Companies environmental impact is much bigger than Citizens impact we understand that a Win-Win relationship in this issue is possible. While companies are contributing to a more sustainable environment for the present and future Generations, Citizens are learning through e-learning courses ways of raising their environmental awareness and more sustainable ways of living. This Win-Win relation between Companies/Organizations and Citizens makes the fight for a more sustainable environment much more effective.

Our Mission is making people care about what companies are doing regarding their mission to raise their environmental commitment for the best future of our Planet.


  • Promote companies commitment on improving their environmental performance
  • Encourage companies to implement environmentally friendly solutions
  • Call for Citizens concern regarding companies environmental efforts.
  • Offer Citizens an an active role in the fight against Climate Change.
  • Free Environmental Footprint Compensation – (CO2 equivalent emissions).

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