Companies and play a big role in the whole process of fight against climate change. In this sense, coolmyplanet aims to encourage and help corporations to promote projects, technologies and programs that show their Environmental corporate responsibility.

Promoters are all organizations, companies or entities that promote and/or support programs or solutions, to achieve environmental benefits in terms of environmental impact reduction. Through coolmyplanet people from all over the world can see the commitment and effort of any company involved in this fight, and also participate in these programs to offset their environmental footprint.


Nowadays we are facing a positive change in the mindset of not only individuals but also companies and other types of organizations that are more and more concerned about the environmental impact of their core activities. These increases on the environmental awareness of these groups brought the necessity of having organizations that we call developers that put their efforts together in order to combat climate change.

Developers are organizations, institutions or companies developing projects, actions or technologies to achieve reductions of environmental impact on our climate ecosystem. Coolmyplanet promotes different corporations dedicated to implement solutions and other activities to encourage companies to change how they do and think.


Here is a list of the most sustainable Universities around the world. These Organizations stand as examples of how Educational Institutions are important when we are talking about the importance of changing our way of doing things. Their commitment to transmit Environmental Awareness and Commitment inside their Campus has awarded them the “ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY CERTIFICATE”.

This recognition is offered by coolmyplanet.org to those Universities that within their capabilities have implemented different policies with the goal of improving their environmental performance inside and outside of their Campus.


The Green City Index series is a research project conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by Siemens. It seeks to focus attention on the critical issue of urban environmental sustainability by Helping cities learn from each other and share their environmental best practices. The Green City Index series has measured the environmental performance of more than 120 cities throughout the world. Each city receives an overall Index ranking and a separate ranking for each individual category.

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