Reforestation project
in Ethiopia

Recreating forests in Ethiopia

This Project is about a reforestation program in the Ethiopian Rift Valley, near Lake Awasa, where the mountains have an important mission: support a huge amount of biodiversity (animal and vegetal). For example, the Eurasian butterflies depend on this ecosystem.

Due to natural and anthropogenic effects, this place has suffered the effects of climate change due to fires or other effects like the loss of the habitat for species. For this reason, this project it is very important regarding the fight against these devastating effects of climate change.

Part of this project was implemented thanks to the commitment of Chocolate and Love in being a more sustainable company.

With such project, Chocolate and Love allow the vegetable species growing and, in consequence, the support of animal life. This project has been created with the aim of stopping erosion and allowing having greener spaces where animal and vegetal biodiversity can stay together.

Combined contribution

Chocolate and Love has planted 22000 trees so far. The project started in September 2010. About 3.6 hectares of degraded land has been restored (reforested) with species belonging to Fabaceae family and dry deciduous species.

These plants are capable of collect, store and convert the CO2 gases into biomass. In this carbon storage, (CCS) you are guarantying its non-emission to the atmosphere and the offsetting of temperature rise. By joining this project, you are contributing to reduce the environmental impact that human activities cause on the climate, since the less CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

This program has a cooling effect on temperatures equivalent to 17750 Credits.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/ or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects. Credits allow you to offset your personal Environmental footprint.

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