The world we are living in is becoming a place where extraordinary measures will have to be taken to save our present and future life on the planet. Unless we dramatically change our current lifestyle,, we will be forced at some point to make bigger sacrifices to guarantee what we now take for granted. As responsible citizens we must be aware of the changes the planet is suffering and the consequences of such changes not only for future generations, but also for our lives.

Envirotainment Tonight is a new web series by Rebecca Sansom as Kali The Conductress about the urgency of climate action. This production fuses Entertainment with Environmentalism to show a different approach when speaking about climate change.

We had the opportunity to get some words from Rebecca Sansom, the “Superhero” of this production, and she told us a little bit about the project.

How did you come up with the idea of fusing Entertainment and Environmentalism?

“Everybody loves entertainment. But entertainment doesn’t have to lack substance or be a distraction. My goal with this web series is to combine exciting trends with a particular kind of content that inspires me, environmentalism.  I want to contextualize these concerns in a pop culture setting. This way I can fuse both elements into something that can be fun to watch while introducing important ideas to a new audience. The word Envirotainment was the logical result. Envirotainment Tonight is modeled after a celebrity news show like, Entertainment Tonight, but instead of the Kardashians my celebrities are leaders in the environmental community, scientists, and innovative ideas that will change the world.”

This series highlights notable scientist’s work like Stanford Professor Mark Jacobson’s research (Wind, Water, and Sunlight technology).

Professor Mark Jacobson’s research aims to garner a deeper understanding of the severe atmospheric problems, such as air pollution and global warming, and develop and analyze large-scale clean-renewable energy solutions. Mark Jacobson helped develop The Solutions Project (The Solutions Project accelerates the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes).

We recommend everyone watches and enjoys this useful, important, and entertaining content!

Envirotainment Tonight


Mark Z. Jacobson

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