Luce, that in Italian means light, is a completely wireless laptop pc made from clear polycarbonate and powered by 2 solar panels able to power the laptop continuously. One is located on the back of the monitor and the other beneath the clear keyboard, to allow the panels to recharge even as the user types and surfs the web. Recent events like the Japan earthquake (March 11th, 2011) and the nuclear crisis are a wakeup call for product designers to make use of renewable energy. In this way, even when a disaster strikes, people will still be able to communicate, whether there is electricity or not.


It is impossible to ignore the fact that this good looking, clear polycarbonate laptop is inspired by light. Also impossible is to forget that it features a transparent touch-keyboard, apart of the Double Solar Panels (one on top and the other under the keypad). the only laptop that needs no wires.

 SOURCE: andreaponti
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