Nowadays we have the option to choose a cleaner, safer energy that will enable us to improve the air
we  breath.  The  possibility  of  making  the  right  choice  and  contributing  to  the  preservation  of  the
environment and our future living conditions relies on our ability or not to make a small sacrifice and
adapt our lifestyle.

The  Argo  Fuels  NanoCatalystTM  Processor  is  a  technology  that  intends  to  provide  us  with  an
important way of choosing to preserve the environment and the air we breath in our daily­life.
The  Argo  Fuels  NanoCatalystTM  processor  produces  cleaner­burning  synthetic  diesel  that  can
address some of the health and environmental some of the health and environmental risks associated
with diesel pollution. Because our diesel refined from organic waste products, it burns ninety percent
cleaner than regular diesel. Our fuel can be used safety by diesel engines in its pure form  (B100), but
can also easily be mixed with other diesels to begin reducing pollution now. Even as little as a twenty
percent blend of our synthetic diesel with petroleum diesel (B20) can reduce CO2 emissions by 15%.
The biofuel innovations company Argo Fuels has developed a fuel processor that creates high­quality
synthetic diesel from waste. This process significantly reduces time and energy costs when compared
to industry standard. The fuel produced by Argo Fuels NanoCatalystTM  Processor burns 90% cleaner
than traditional diesel.
The  ingenious  design  allows  Argo  Fuels  to  produce  high­grade  synthetic  diesel  while  using  less
energy  and  fewer  chemical  inputs  than  most  other  methods  currently  used.  The  Argo  Fuels
NanoCatalystTM  sets  a  new  industry  standard  for  production  speed.  Even  using  the  toughest
feedstocks, the processors can reach full reaction in just four minutes, compared to what used to
take two hours. Not only does this reduce time costs, it cuts the energy required to fuel the reaction in
Argo  Fuels  is  an  innovation Company  dedicated  to  produce  high­grade synthetic  diesel  using  less
energy and fewer chemical inputs than most other methods currently used. The company is based in
Logan, Utah, United States and was founded in 2010 by Ray Dellinger.

Ray  Dellinger  recently  directed  some  words  to  everyone  at  the  launching  of  their  crowdfunding
campaign:  “You  can show  your support  for  cleaner  air  by  helping  us  achieve  our  goals  to  make
cleaner  fuel  available  and  affordable,  Our  NanoCatalystTM  processor  technology  can  make  a  big
difference  because  our fuel  can  be  used  directly  in  the market. Even  if  you  do  not  drive  a  diesel-
powered  vehicle,  you  can  be  part  of  a  change.  Most  of  the  consumable  products  Americans  buy
everyday  are shipped using diesel powered trucks,  and most  city­owned like school buses, garbage
trucks and construction equipment run on diesel fuels.”

To scale­up production, the  company has launched  a  crowdfunding campaign. Using the indiegogo
platform they are willing to raise $100,000 USD. Dellinger, Founder and CEO of Argo Fuels hopes to
raise  environmental  awareness  and  help  consumers  understand  their  ability  to  bring  eco­friendly
innovation into their daily lives.

I Drive Innovation! Cleaner Fuel, Cleaner Air

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