Now you can add social solar charger to the list. CityCharger is a social solar charging station located at Bryant Park in New York City, which enables “on-the-go” users to charge their devices. Powered entirely by solar energy, it comes equipped with a solar panel that can be manually rotated to point South, six charging cables and a communal table that encourages social interaction while the users wait for their devices to be charged. Each small round table has an internally illuminated power-icon that indicates when the unit is turned.


The result of a collaboration between Green Barrel Energy and Landscapeforms, CityCharge is a movable solar-powered charging station that can be rolled around the park to work with existing chairs, tables and umbrellas or to make room for events.

“The design was inspired by people and how they use public spaces,” explains Ignacio Ciocchini, the industrial designer behind CityCharge. “It is round, easy to move, and has a communal table that encourages social interaction.”

CityCharge features a rotatable solar panel that can be moved in response to the sun. It is also a very robust and vandal-proof piece of engineering. Most parts are carbon steel with an electro-coated and polyester powder-coated finish, ensuring maximum protection against rust and UV degradation. It is also easily cleaned with residential-grade cleaning products.

Nothing will put a stop to your day of running around the city faster than a dying phone battery! CityCharge gives users who are on-the-go a place to sit and relax while their devices charges.

Designer: Ignacio Ciocchini

SOURCE: Design News
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