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 Here is a list of the most sustainable Universities around the world. These Organizations stand as examples of how Educational Institutions are important when we are talking about the importance of changing our way of doing things. Their commitment to transmit Environmental Awareness and Commitment inside their Campus has awarded them the “ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY CERTIFICATE”.

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 This recognition is offered by coolmyplanet.org to those Universities that within their capabilities have implemented different policies with the goal of improving their environmental performance inside and outside of their Campus.

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Ranking University Country Energy/Climate Change Score Sustainability
 1 University of Nottingham UK 2100  Details
 2 University of Bradford  UK 1920  Details
3 Universidad de Alcalá Spain 1905  Details
4 University College Cork Ireland 1890  Details
5 University of California, Davis US 1890  Details
6 Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien Austria 1890  Details
7 Georgia Institute of Technology US 1890  Details
8 Nottingham Trent University UK 1830  Details
9 Northeastern University US 1830  Details
10 University of Plymouth UK 1820  Details
11 Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan 1820  Details
12 University of Connecticut US 1815  Details
13 BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Germany 1815  Details
14 Slippery Rock University US 1800  Details
15 University of Oxford UK 1770  Details
16 University of California, Berkeley US 1770  Details
17 Feng Chia University Taiwan 1765  Details
18 Eindhoven University of Technology Netherland 1755  Details
19 Umwelt-Campus Birkenfeld Germany 1755  Details
20 Mae Fah Luang University Thailand 1755  Details
21 Russian S.P. University AI Herzen Russia 1745
22 Universidad de Zaragoza Spain 1730  Details
23 University of California Merced US 1710  Details
24 Autonomous University of Madrid Spain 1710  Details
25 Anglia Ruskin University UK 1710  Details
26 American University in Cairo Egypt 1710  Details
27 Universitat Luzern Switzerland 1705
28 University of Bath UK 1695  Details
29 University of Szeged Hungary 1695  Details
30 Dublin City University Ireland 1695  Details
31 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill US 1680  Details
32 Boston University US 1680  Details
33 Washington University Saint Louis US 1680  Details
34 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Spain 1680  Details
35 Da Yeh University Taiwan 1680  Details
36 Bangor University UK 1670  Details
37 Queen’s University of Belfast UK 1670  Details
38 Jordan University of Science & Technology Jordan 1670  Details
39 University of Newcastle upon Tyne UK 1670  Details
40 Tomsk Polytechnic University Russia 1670  Details
41 Wageningen University & Research Centre Netherland 1665  Details
42 Rochester Institute of Technology US 1665  Details
43 Chulalongkorn University Thailand 1665  Details
44 University of Groningen Netherland 1665  Details
45 Institut Pertanian Bogor Indonesia 1655  Details
46 Universidad Politecnica De Valencia Spain 1645  Details
47 Western Michigan University US 1640  Details
48 University of Sussex UK 1635  Details
49 Universitas Indonesia Indonesia 1635  Details
Blekinge Institute of Technology
Sweden 1635  Details


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