Wind project

A natural, renewable energy source

Wildcat Wind Project is located near Lovington, New Mexico. Wildcat Went into commercial operation in July 2012 and Its 13 turbines are capable of producing 27 MW. The energy produced by Wildcat project is Purchased by LCEC Generation, LLC.

The project was carried interest out by Kairos Energy Capital, a corporation dedicated to undertake renewable energy projects to a Successful conclusion.

Exelon Wind are the Promoters of Wildcat Wind Farm Project. Exelon Wind is a division of Exelon Power That Is responsible for the company’s portfolio of wind generation assets. The company Operates wind projects in 10 states of the United States.

Wind power is a way to generate electricity by Means of wind turbines using the Sun Which is a renewable source of energy. Only a small proportion of the solar radiation (electromagnetic energy) Reaches the surface of the Earth and is converted into kinetic energy due to expats in temperature gradient. These expats in temperature gradient create wind. Wind energy también está one of the MOST environmentally-benign sources of energy in terms of Protecting wildlife .

Project Data

  • Location:  Lea County, New Mexico
  • Number of Turbines:  13
  • Turbine Type: Suzlon S97
  • Turbine Rating: 2.1 MW
  • Total installed capacity expected:  27.3 MW
  • Developer: Kairos Energy
  • Owner / Operator: Exelon
  • Balance Of Plant Contractor: RES Americas
  • Year of Operation: 2012

Combined contribution

Coolmyplanet publicly recognizes the contribution that the Wildcat Wind Project brings fight against climate change. This project combats the devastating effects that human activity are causing on the climate since the use of the solar energy avoids the fossil fuels burnt and the depletion of Natural resources.

The Wildcat Wind Project has a cooling effect on temperatures equivalent to 13650 Environmental Credits.

Credits account the compensation effect of the temperature rise generated by the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions and/ or the reduction in heat absorption by changes in physical properties of the use of land in specific projects.

The total amount of Credits will be assigned to Citizens through coolmyplanet.org platform to offset their personal environmental footprint.

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