WAACS a rotterdam-based consultancy studio has created the ‘rollable solar charger’ to enable green energy usage on-the-go. the design is based on ancient papyrus rolls, combined with modern day flexible solar cells to ensure that traveling without electricity will no longer be a problem. a major advantage of solar charging is that it is not restricted to an electrical outlet. It is made of lightweight aluminum (which is infinitely recyclable) and has a compact shape to fit everyone’s bag (even a small purse). Flexible green power on the go.


People often worry about the energy level of their mobile devices, especially when traveling and not sure when it will be possible to charge their devices again. With this solar charger in their bag, users no longer will have an empty phone, digital camera or tablet battery just when they need it. And by using renewable energy, it doesn’t get any greener.


WAACS DESIGN helps brands and companies to develop new products based on consumer insights. They develop and design consumer products including user interfaces and structural packaging. The Company was founded in 1992 and has over 20 years experience.







Apart from the ‘rollable solar charger’ they have many others innovative products such as the Senseo coffee brewing system, ATAG’s Fusion Volcano gas burner, Karvan Cevitan’s shaped can and the Medisana Target scale.

To have a full insight of this and other innovations of WAACS, visit their website.

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