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New and revolutionary environmental technology from four Swedish companies will be displayed in a special full-scale facility in Doha, Qatar.

The opportunities, which is a result of a deal between Midroc New Technology and Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD) for the GCC, may lead to a number of Gulf states choosing Swedish technology in a major investment in sustainable development, said a statement.

Göran Linder, chief executive officer of Midroc, said: ”With resources from Qatar and technology from Midroc’s portfolio companies, we will be able to showcase new solutions that are sustainable in the long term for our planet and that are possible already today.”

The full-scale demonstration facility will be placed in Qatar Science and Technology Park and will contain a number of functions, from living quarters and workplaces to greenhouses, said the statement.

The idea is that one will be able to see all these different technologies together in one place, from the late summer of 2015 onwards, it said.

The GORD Research Organisation is responsible for developing sustainable solutions for the whole of the GCC, which means that the innovations that will be presented could in time become the standard for all the member states.

In an effort to accelerate the introduction of technologies for world improvement, four of Midroc’s portfolio companies achieve a unique position. It includes PowerCell, Heliospectra, Air to Air and Solarware.

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